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Publié le par Claudia :)

Prima di tutto i ringraziamenti: i commenti alle mie piccole cose sono grandiosi e io ringrazio tutte per essere sempre così gentili e carine... GRAZIE!!!

First of all, let me say thanks: your comments to my little things posted are great and I say a big THANKS to you all to be always so nice and kind with me...

Ed ora lasciatemi descrivere il successivo passo della Eve's Box. Si tratta del grazioso fob che ho preparato in un lampo, con un piccolo charm fatto a pulcino:

And now let me introduce the Eve's Box next step. I'm talking about the ittle precious fob, ready in a jiffy, enriched by a chick golden charm:

Sapete cosa manca ora? Il needlebook, cioè il porta aghi, e la banda interna alla scatola (la cosa più difficile, secondo me!!!) completeranno questo insieme:

You know what is needed now? The needlebook and the inside band of the box (the difficult part, I think!) will complete this ensemble:

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Superbe "collection", les couleurs sont magnifiques !!Bravo !!
What a lovely set !! every piece is unique and your finishing is stunning !! congratulations ! I am sure you will master the inside as well as the rest ! It cannot be otherwise !
Hi Claudia,<br /> What a beutiful stiches!Your needlbook and box ,sissor fob are so great!Golden charm is cute,too.<br /> Sachiko<br />  
Oooh, Claudia, It is developing beautifully. Each piece is lovely both on  it's own and as a part of the set.<br /> II am looking forward to seeing the whole set completed.<br /> Warm wishes, Angela
This blog is so "lovely.".i like it so much...see you soonvictorine