I am a finisher... am I??

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Saper finire un lavoro... Capita di non esserne capaci, così si chiede aiuto. E così è successo che una amica mi ha chiesto di finirle un paio di lavori, in modo da avere qualcosa di diverso dai soliti quadri (è anche lei parte de "Le mani che ricamano"), e io ho eseguito. Questo è il risultato, che spero piaccia:

To know how to finish a stitched piece... It happens that it's difficult to do, so maybe it's better to be helped. That's what happened to a friend of mine, who asked me to finish for her a couple of lovely little works just to have something different from the "usual" framed cross stitch (she is part of my group "Le mani che ricamano"). Here's what I have done and I hope she will appreciate them:

Sono un sampler di X's & Oh's, il Black Sheep Sampler, e un freebie di Waxing Moon , il primo montato come flatfold e il secondo come pinkeep.

Here they are, a X's & Oh's design, the  Black Sheep Sampler, and a Waxing Moon freebie: one finished as a flatfold (my very first!!) and the second finished as a pinkeep...

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Dear Claudia, what a treasure!  I love what you did with my Black Sheep Sampler design (I'm the designer Vivian Bales, I work with X's and Oh's).  <br /> It's incredible!!!  I never thought of it finished off that way.  I'm so glad a friend of mine directed me to your blog.  <br /> Thank you for your wonderful eye and skill with the needle.<br />  
brava Claudia, capita anche a me di dare una mano alle amiche ricamatrici , mi fa molto piacere dare consigli e confezionare per loro se ne hanno bisogno..
Claudia - you are always such an inspiration and you certainly haven't disappointed. These finishes are just absolutely gorgeous and your friend will be delighted because I would be ecstatic that's for sure. Love Patti xxx
Clauda... sono davvero incantevoli!<br /> Complimenti<br /> Fiore
Both are finished beautiful, I prefer the sheepsampler, because I love sheeps ;o))<br /> Greetings from Germany<br /> Monika