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Che ne dite di qualche foto della Mostra???

Ok... let me resume what happened.... LOL!!!
I have a cross stitch group and each year we love to show our masterpieces (but not just OURS... we love to be helped by some cross stitchers who give us their works....) in a little-big exhibit that we organize in our little town. This year has been soooo special, thanks to our special guests: Giulia Manfredini, designer that owns the Giulia Punti Antichi brand, and Laura Lattuada, from Passione Ricamo. This are some pictures from our showcase, and I hope you'll enjoy them as we did! Our show has been so appreciated this year that I'm still in Heaven thanks to all the comments and all those people that still are writing to me telling me that they had a wonderful time visiting us...
Laura Lattuada said that I'm in a little cloud up in the sky and that it will be very difficult for me to come down from it... she's right!!!! My cotton candy little cloud is taking me higher and higher! oooooooops.... I hope not to fall down!!!  LOL

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Wow...che belle foto...e quanti lavori meravigliosi!! Complimenti!!<br /> Tina
Che meravigliaaaaaaa
I don't understand italian but i thank you taht you wrote a few Egnlish words here and there on your blog. I appreciate you works and photos. I'm French but my blog is written in English and French. Buon giorno.
Ma come mi dispiace non esserci stata proprio quest'anno......immagino comunque  splendida come tutti gli l'anno prossimo non me la perdo.......
che dire????????????? FANTASTICHE !!!!!