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Come si può notare, sulla destra ho aggiunto una piccola lista di chi sta realizzando il kit "Queen of the Needle" kit e ha foto dei progressi sul proprio blog: spero di ingrandire la lista con altre "Queens". Anzi, chiunque lo stia realizzando e capita qui, me lo dica e io aggiungerò volentieri l'indirizzo del blog!

As you can notice, on the left there is a little (right now...) list of people who's stitching the "Queen of the Needle" kit and has on the blog nice pictures of  progress: I hope that my list will be soon bigger, with more "Queens" on it! So anybody who's stitching it and comes here for a peek, please leave a comment so I will be happy to add the blog to my list!

E da oggi aggiungerò i commenti anche in inglese, così anche le mie amiche potranno capire di cosa sto parlando negli articoli!

And starting today, I will add an english translation to my comments, just to let my friends of all over the world to understand what I'm saying...

Guardate qui cosa la mia amica Paola mi ha regalato per ringraziarmi di aerle assemblato il pinkeep:

Look here what my friend Paola has given to me to thanks me for the pinkeep I've assembled for her:

Cariiiiiina, vero??? Attrezzini tutti sottomano, così:

Niiiice, isn't it??? Nice little tools to handle in a jiffy:

E di colore blu, il mio colore preferito: GRAZIE!

Blue, my preferred color: THANKS!

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Cara Claudia puoi chiedere alla tua amica se posso averne uno anch'io???.....
Hi Claudia.  I just tried to send you and blog here but am not sure if it went in as it should.  You might get 2 from me.   I love your blog here and the colors are really pretty!   Your Queen of the Needle is really beautiful and you are doing a great job!  I am not really that far ahead of you.  I haven't even begun to do the bunny section yet.  I am enjoying this project and I am not a real fast stitcher.   I agree with you, on the Whimzi frames.  I don't really care for them.  I am surprised that she is creating special frames.  My husband makes real pretty wooden frames and I would much rather have one of his pretty frames.  I also think the Whimzi frames are much too expensive for what they are.  I will so enjoy watching your progress on your project!  Keep up the good work!  :))  Debby
Hi Claudia:Your blog looks so beautiful and I am happy that you are going to put in an English translation!   I love your colors in here as well!!  I too am happy to find someone that is doing Queen of the Needle!  I think your work is so beautiful!  I stil have much to do on mine though,  I did get the section with the pot of flowers done, but I have more to do where I am now plus I haven't started the section with the bunny.  Also there is more to cross stitch on the inside pink fabric as it has some pretty things in it too.  I am enjoying this project .  I am not a fast stitcher.  I expect it will be put together by hand.  Perhaps we will both be surprised and it won't be that hard to put together.  I look forward to seeing more of your progress!   :))